Embedded webserver which collects and transmitts video signals from cameras via LAN to PCS 7 or WinCC systems.

The challenge

Digital video monitoring is becoming increasingly important in many areas of industry. There is a growing need to check processes and production shops visually. Use of the tried and tested Internet technology in connection with integrated hardware and software results in new, user-friendly and low-maintenance solutions for the visual monitoring of objects.

The appropriate use of the SIVICON video Web server, e.g. for plant monitoring, remote diagnosis or maintenance, enables a high product quality to be achieved, while cutting production downtimes. Depending on the occurrence of certain events, appropriately qualified operating and service personnel can be brought into action very quickly.


Customer benefits

  • Visual checking in the process control system
  • Monitoring of unmanned production shops and stores
  • Plant monitoring: regional, national and global
  • Monitoring in working areas with critical conditions for humans
  • easy to use

Our solution

Various versions are available with connections for 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 16 cameras. Depending on the version, the servers are equipped with up to six signal lines and four alarm outputs. In case of a event or a fault, it enables messages to be generated and forwarded independently. The operator, service engineer or alarm control center is alerted by means of e-mail or SMS (short message service) as required: either directly or via the Internet.

Several picture sections can be monitored by means of the integral motion detection function, and trigger events when changes occur, e.g. generate a SIMATIC PCS 7 message.

One product version with integral digital recording offers the opportunity for recording the pictures locally on the video Web server over a longer period and to evaluate them later in the SIMATIC PCS 7 system. In this way it is possible to view and evaluate not only the event itself, but also the important period leading up to it.

SIVICON is maintenance-free, easy to install and can be controlled by means of SIMATIC PCS 7 or any Internet browser. A convenient HTML interface is available for configuration purposes.

The SIVICON video Web server is integrated into SIMATIC PCS 7 by means of ActiveX controls. There is one ActiveX control for displaying video pictures and one for controlling the cameras. In addition there is the option of forwarding events that have been recorded by the video Web server to the SIMATIC PCS 7 signaling system by means of an additional application.


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SIVICON is a Trademark of Siemens AG