Controlling with boundless success

Global operation, monitoring and control

  • Information up to now only locally available can be used and ex-changed with WebCC system-wide . All information are representable on different hardware and software platforms.
  • The users work in their usual environment. They control and check all processes and plants with an easy to use interface. Business-wide and worldwide. A Firewall guarantees grip and access pro-tection with a ma-ximum of safety.
  • Actually WebCC increases the efficiency of your systems and simultaneously reduces the costs. The return on investment is guaranteed since available hardware and software platforms are integrable into the system without problems.
  • As an add on WebCC can be implemented completely onto existing plants. The effort for maintenance and administration is reduced drasti-cally, the result is a curbing of cost.
  • A firewall gurarantees access and admission-safety with maximum security. With the Toolkit Transaction Security in Open Network TranSON we offer to you complete solutions on basis of safety and chip-card-technology developed by Siemens which protect the data traffic via Internet and Intranet reliably against abuse and manipulation.

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